Our Commitment

Residents at Arden House will:-

  • Be encouraged to maintain their independence
  • Have their need for privacy respected
  • Be treated with dignity
  • Have their human, emotional and social needs respected and fulfilled
  • Be encouraged to follow their own religion
  • Be addressed as they wish
  • Be cared for in a manner similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their home
  • Be able to retain the doctor of their choice
  • Be cared for by adequate and appropriately trained staff
  • Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time
  • Have the right to consult their own solicitor
  • Be provided with nourishing and appetising food
  • Be encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home
  • Be encouraged to participate in recreational facilities
  • Prior to admission, have the opportunity to discuss their care needs with the Home Manager, to establish an appropriate plan of care
  • Be encouraged to contribute to their own ongoing plan of care or appoint a person to do so on their behalf
  • Be entitled to see a copy of all personal information held on them by the Home
  • Be able to complain to Mr & Mrs Allworth, the Directors of Lower Green Limited, and/or the Care Quality Commission.