Aims and Objectives

We, the management and staff, aim to promote a way of life for our residents that permits them to enjoy, to the greatest extent possible, their rights as individual human beings. This involves consideration of the following key principles.


We set to maximize residents’ privacy in the following ways:

  1. Setting up protocols so that staff do not enter residents’ own rooms without both knocking and waiting for a positive response.
  2. Providing residents with the facility to make it clear that they do not want to be interrupted by staff or other residents at times when, for example, they are entertaining a visitor or are engaged in some intimate activity.
  3. Guaranteeing that residents can make telephone calls, carry on conversations and read their own written communications without oversight.
  4. Arranging that all consultations and discussions on health and other personal matters take place in a private place and that information kept on residents is treated with as high a degree of confidentiality and respect as possible.
  5. Ensuring that every resident has lockable space in their own room for specially private possessions.


We aim to safeguard residents’ dignity in the following ways:

  1. Arranging that residents who require assistance with bodily tasks such as dressing, toileting and bathing should as far as possible be helped by a care worker of their own choice.
  2. Ensuring that residents have appropriate assistance with dressing and maintaining their clothes.
  3. Offering residents help with hairdressing, manicure and make-up so that they can achieve the sort of physical appearance to which they aspire.
  4. Providing efficient domestic services for residents’ rooms and tactful help to residents in keeping their personal possessions in good order.
  5. At all times treating residents with a respect which reinforces their personality and individuality, addressing them in their preferred style, taking note of specific cultural demands, and aiming for relations between staff and residents which are warm and trusting but appropriate to their different roles.


We aim for residents to maintain as much independence as is possible within the constraints of their abilities and the organisation of group living by doing the following:

  1. Arranging as far as possible for each resident to organise and conduct their own social life, even if this involves the taking of some risks.
  2. Enabling residents who wish to maintain an involvement in domestic tasks such as cleaning their own rooms and making drinks and snacks.
  3. Promoting a regime in which residents who are able can leave and return to the premises without hindrance.
  4. Encouraging residents to take as much responsibility as possible for their own health care and medication, involving residents fully in organising and implementing their care through their participation in care planning and their ownership of personal care records.


We aim to respond to the residents’ needs for reasonable security by doing the following:

  1. Ensuring that help is readily available for any resident who falls or gets into any other difficulty within the home or its grounds.
  2. Eliminating from the physical environment unnecessary sources of danger to vulnerable people.
  3. Carrying out risk assessments in relation to the premises, the equipment used, and the activities of the residents individually and as a group.
  4. Checking the background of new staff and regularly briefing and training staff to be sure that those undertaking care tasks always behave responsibly, professionally and with compassion and never exploit their positions to abuse residents.
  5. Providing protection from elements in the environment within and immediately beyond the home, which could be dangerous to residents and from other people with whom they come into contact who might exploit or abuse them.

Civil Rights

We set out to protect our residents’ civil rights by doing the following:

  1. Enabling residents who wish to exercise their right to vote in elections.
  2. Providing residents with access to the full range of local services such as libraries, adult education and transport.
  3. Encouraging residents to use health services in all ways appropriate to their medical, nursing and therapeutic needs.
  4. Providing easily usable facilities for residents and their friends and relatives to complain about any aspects of their care or services with which they are dissatisfied.
  5. Helping residents to participate as fully and diversely as they wish in carrying out their duties as members of a mutually dependent society through voluntary work, religious observance, involvement in associations and charitable giving.


We set out to give residents as wide a range of choice as possible by doing the following:

  1. Resisting compulsory timings for activities like getting up and going to bed.
  2. Offering residents as wide a choice as possible of what, where, when and with whom to eat and drink.
  3. Providing for a varied range of places in which residents can circulate and pass the time during the day, including their private rooms, areas suitable for various activities, lounge, dining room and outdoor spaces such as gardens.
  4. Avoiding a uniformity of lifestyle in the home by as far as possible respecting their residents’ eccentricities, personal preferences and idiosyncrasies.
  5. Cultivating an atmosphere and regime in which cultural diversity is welcomed and respected.


We endeavour to ensure that our residents continue to fulfil their aspirations and abilities by doing the following:

  1. Organising a diverse programme of social and cultural activities within the home and facilitate the participation of residents in outside events of their choice.
  2. Making arrangements for each resident to participate without hindrance in practices associated with religion or spiritual matters, to celebrate meaningful anniversaries and other festivals and to specify how their death is, in due course, to be dealt with.
  3. Taking special effort to understand and respond to the wish of any resident to participate in any minority-interest event or activity.
  4. Encouraging residents to entertain relatives, friends and others and ensuring that the home provides welcoming and where appropriate private facilities for such visitors.
  5. Doing everything possible to enable each resident to achieve any unfulfilled task, wish or ambition before the end of their lives.