Brrrr – we have had a cold few days and snow last week! More on the way they say and storms! The snow is lovely to see, but we do not handle it very well! Cold and bright is lovely, but damp and cloudy I can do without. A white Christmas perhaps?

I was hoping to be looking at how we could relax our visiting constraints a little over Christmas, but with this new Omicron B variant arriving on our shores, sadly that looks very unlikely. Someone told me that Omicron B is an anagram for No Crimbo! Lets hope that is NOT the case.

With the uncertainty of the Omicron variant, we will have to keep our visiting as it is – all visits booked in advance so that we ensure no overlapping or crowding of visitors. PPE to be worn at all times and please bring the details of a LFD test taken on the day of your visit. This has become habit for many, but a quick reminder to keep us all safe is always worthwhile.

During the last year, we have tried to keep life as normal as possible at Arden House, running and planning our usual events, but sadly not being able to invite families to join in as before. We held our Fireworks party early in November with a wonderful display of ground and low based fireworks so that everyone could enjoy from the warmth of the lounge or their rooms. Hot dogs and onions with a small snifter were available for those who wished to partake! We are also slowly restarting our visiting entertainers including Henry Webster, a firm favourite for many years and Lynne on the harp.

Christmas decorations are slowly appearing around the home, with our full day of decorating planned for this coming Thursday 9th December – you have never seen so much tinsel! Our Christmas Party will be held on 16th December, including a special visit from Father Christmas. And then of course Christmas Lunch on the 25th. It is so sad that at all of these joyous events, we will not be able to invite the families. We had so hoped this year would see freedom, but sadly that it is not the case – 2022 here we come.

Over the festive period, please do remember to use the home’s ipads for video calls or the mobile phones for just a chat. Even if you cannot visit in person, all the residents love receiving a call or a quick catch-up, especially at this time of year.

That is it for now – we will keep you informed of any changes and updates as they happen, but in the meantime, have a wonderful December. I am sure we will see many of you over the coming weeks, but anyway, now it’s started, we can say………Happy Christmas!!