Freedom Day is upon us. I am unsure exactly how I feel about it, but I think the Government are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The school summer holidays are the right time to provide some more freedom, but at the same time, infection rates are rising across all areas. I […]

As I am sure you have read in or heard on the news, as of Monday 12th April, care homes will be able to allow up to TWO named visitors. As before with the one named visitor, both of these named visitors must adhere to all the visiting procedures detailed below, but they are able […]

I am sure you are all getting used to (but not enjoying) our third lockdown by now. It appears that the country as a whole is not being quite so rule observant as before, which is a pity, especially with this new variant being so transmissible. The numbers vary around the country. In the area […]